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VISION:  To develop Love Sanctuaries globally for displaced children to thrive as we prepare for the end of human trafficking.


MISSION:  To creatively use our fashion platform to empower women and youth with strength, courage and boldness. By releasing hope through beautiful transformations, we create positive experiences that empower women and youth to recognize & to walk into their full identity and greatness. We  partner with other reputable organizations to bring awareness to global justice and to make a bigger impact in empowering GOOD.


"We believe that every person is Fashioned for LOVE & GREATNESS. " - Nancy Vuu


Our passion is for today's youth and to reach out to the broken.  Too often a child and/or teen is stripped of their identity due to a serious illness, losing a loved one, abuse, or even poverty.  Our hope is that through creating positive experiences that can help build confidence, we will begin to unleash our children to their full potential and greatness. We welcome youth with extenuating circumstances to be a part of the NANCY VUU Family through our fashion projects to experience this tranformational culture. We also partner with numerous  charity organizations in efforts to house displaced children and to support the end of human trafficking.



"Every child that comes into contact with Nancy Vuu feels immediately welcomed and loved. When they are able to wear one of her designs, they feel like they are king or queen for that photoshoot. When my daughter was able to wear one of Nancy's spring collection, she had the biggest smile on her face. Nancy made Kyah feel special."

- Kristie Jimenez


Empowering Children with Cancer through

Fashion & High Fives.

Nancy’s collection is dedicated all red for the research of heart diseases. Not just is she an amazing designer with an outstanding technique, she’s also a designer incorporating an awareness, and message that can be heard and carried on... Nancy once again whisks a generation of youngers away to a high fashion fairytale!”     -


“What I love about Nancy Vuu, is that she is strongly faith based and wants every child to feel blessed and to know that they are a child of God and that God loves them. Viewing this collection, you'd think she's had a dozen collections before but this her very first one. Just incredible!”  



"I cannot express enough positivity about Nancy on both professional and personal levels. Nancy has a way of making every child she works with feel special and know they are loved. My daughter adores Nancy and has had the honor of working with her on several projects all of which have been positive and unforgettable experiences. It isn't hard to see that she pour's her heart and soul into every detail of her unique designs, such beautiful quality and craftsmanship. Between her faith, diligence, and God given talents, the sky is the limit for Nancy Vuu designs. May the blessings continue to arise.”   - Nicole Large



Providing a platform for children to overcome their obstacles.                                          

Here, Chelsea Werner, a multi-champion Special Olympics Medalist, defies all odd,

and redefines beauty & strength.

Jen Bricker NYT Best Seller, International Speaker, and Aerialist opens

NANCY VUU FW'16 show at

LA Fashion Week.

Embracing BEAUTY in all forms.

Meet Connor, who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. But don't let that define him, because even Connor knows that what makes him different, is not a disability and cannot limit his dreams. Connor's dream is to be a model and a spokesperson where he positions his differences and accomplishments to empower others with similar developmental delays to pursue their dreams.  Connor's first model job was at a NANCY VUU charity show in San Francisco.  We are so proud of you Connor!

Meet Beautiful Hannah. Her story is one of hope, strength and courage. Hannah's dream was to become a model but was then diagnosed with severe scoliosis in 9th grade. Hannah's story came to us and we had the privilege of working with Hannah and empowering her to pursue her dreams. Following is an essay written by Hannah.

I believe that my life changed for the better. In the beginning of ninth grade, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. It had never even crossed my mind that I would not always be perfectly healthy, perfectly strong. Nonetheless, the doctors had found out that my spine had an abnormal curve. After considering many options such as surgery, my family and I decided to follow an aggressive, intensive treatment program. This meant that every day for three hours, I would have to endure painful, excruciating therapy. It meant that I had to wear a hard back brace, and that I had to completely change my diet. It meant that my life had completely changed.
Every morning when I woke up, there were three seconds of bliss where I completely forgot about everything. In those three seconds, I was perfectly healthy. My spine was perfectly straight, and there was not one thing wrong with me. Then, I would be pummeled back to reality. I would get up, and instantly feel a sharp pain in my back from my hard, clunky brace. I would put on some clothes that didn’t fit right anymore, and make my way to the dining table where a bland, tasteless breakfast awaited me.
There were many days where I moped and sulked through a fog of self pity and grief. I would constantly ask myself questions like “why me?” I was always scared that people would think of me differently if they knew about my disease, so I tried my very best to hide my brace and my condition from the world. I was afraid that when people looked at me, all they would see would be the piece of plastic wrapped around my body and how different I was. I was afraid that I would be defined by my disease.
As time went on and reality slowly sunk in, I began to realize that I was still the same person inside. I began to realize that people would look past everything that was different about me, and still see me as the person that I was instead of the disease that I had.
Any other person would say that my life definitely got worse after getting this disease, but it has helped me learn so much about myself and helped me become so much stronger physically and mentally. I have definitely suffered through setbacks and pain, but I have learned to rise up every time. And every time that I rise up, I am shaped into a better person and become a little bit stronger. Scoliosis has become an important part of who I am, and I have learned to embrace my new life and love myself for who I am.
I believe that I can constantly feel sorry for myself and be engulfed into darkness, or I can pick myself up, make the best of the situation and fight my way back into the light.
Now, I appreciate every single precious moment that I have on earth. I try my best not to let a day go by without smiling through the pain and the tears and just being so, so thankful to wake up each morning to the sun bursting through my windows, a promise of another great day. I know that with hard work and determination, I can make my dreams come true despite all of my problems. I have learned to be a stronger, better person, and to finally be able to say that even if I had the chance, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Bent but Not Broken


Fallon Emery is an incredibly beautiful young girl who is battling brain cancer, but cancer does not define her. We had the joy of styling Fallon and partnering with photographer Olesja Mueller to highlight Fallon's beauty, strength and vivacious soul as cover girl for Young Fashion Magazine.  We also gifted Fallon one of our handmade crowns.

Sports Meets

Fashion to




our Youth.

Meet our little hero Julius.  Julius' dream was to become a professional football player until his doctor said he couldn't play anymore due to bone cancer. When we heard of Julius' story, we invited him to be apart of our Sports meet Fashion show where we could really love on him.  Who better to champion little Julius than NFL QB Tyrod Tayler and NFL lineback Steven Johnson. Two weeks after participating in our NYFW Show, Julius was announced cancer-free!  Dream big Julius! We are cheering you on!

NFL lineback Steven Johnson champions and empowers our youth: cancer survivor Julius and 4x special Olympics champion gymnast Chelsea Werner.




The best part of our trip to Atlanta was our partnership with Child Model Magazine and Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research to make a dream come true for an incredibly sweet and strong girl named Tori, who was diagnosed with brain tumor and now undergoing treatment. What a humbling experience to meet and work with Tori and see her beauty and massive strength flow from inside and shine on the runway. Above is a picture of beautiful Tori as our opening angel for the 2015 Models' Choice Award. We love you Tori! Your strength, will, determination and big heart has already impacted so may lives.  Keep shining sweetheart!


NANCY VUU Charity Show in Beverly Hills during LAFW 2018 to raise awareness and support efforts to house displaced children and to end child trafficking.

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